"Our thinking is our highest value product; we will not part with it without appropriate compensation. If we demonstrate that we do not value our thinking, our clients and prospects will not. Our paying clients can rest assured that our best minds remain focused on solving their problems and not the problems of those who have yet to hire us."


Based on the world-renowned manifesto created by visionary Blair Enns, 'Win Without Pitching' revolutionised traditional thinking on how creative businesses can set themselves apart from their competition, regain the high ground in client relationships and learn to win business without lowering costs or writing lengthy proposals.

With Win Without Pitching: Professional Services, Ceinwen McNeil and Blair Enns are the first consultancies to take this concept and adapt it to the corporate and professional services industries. This concept will drive a change in how companies position themselves as the leading experts in their field.

Join Ceinwen and Blair for the ASPAC launch of Win Without Pitching Professional Services this October in Melbourne and Sydney.